We know the question you are asking - "Do they work?" We decided to let our customers and independent reviewers speak for us!

"Murphy is my new Santa, I thank God for his creation" E.F. - Florida

"As a woman, I wish every man wore Murphys. It is hard to ignore that spot on a man's pants." K.B. - Mississippi

"Murphys are my new favorite underwear. Their waistband never pinches and the boxer brief doesn't stretch out as the day goes on." D.B. - Pennsylvania

"It's quite common, or at least so I have been told, to involuntarily leak a bit after using the bathroom. I had a urological procedure as an infant to correct a stricture so it might be a little worse in my case than for the average guy.

"If out with my buddies, and the wet spot was noticable, I would laugh it off, saying "No matter how you hop and dance, the last few drops go in your pants."

"Even up close there is no way of identifying Murphywear as a protective garment yet they are remarkably absorbant and have never let me down. I am comforted with this way of dealing with it on my own without worry and embarrassment. Thank you." R.S. - Pennsylvania

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