It happens to just about everyone…Perhaps you’ve noticed pee spots on your pants at some point.  This happens often with khakis, hospital scrubs, or any type of light colored pants.  It can be caused by any number of issues, from being “in a hurry” in the bathroom, to sneezing or laughing and seeing a pee spot show up when you least expect it.  This can be a really embarrassing problem, but now there is a solution.

Murphy’s Overconfident Underwear prevents pee dribble spots or urine stain spots from ever showing up on your pants.  Murphy’s looks and feels like a regular pair of underwear, however there is a little something “extra” right where you need it.  This little something extra is a super absorbent fly liner specifically designed to wick those few extra drops away from the skin and prevent them from every showing up on your pants.  Murphy’s stops the urine dribble from ever reaching the outside world.

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