Question: "I suffer from an abnormal leakage after urination.  Will Murphy Underwear work for a leakage that is more than a few drops?"

Answer: Absolutely!  Murphy Underwear is crafted using proprietary quick-wicking moisture absorption technology that will absorb the excess unwanted discharge.


Question: "I am too embarrassed to leave the men's room and realize that everyone can see the "spot".  How quickly does MX-P system work?"

Answer: Absorption starts almost instantly, but the patent pending barrier technology prevents any spots from transfering to your outerwear.  Visit the Demonstration tab and view the comparison of Murphy Underwear and conventional underwear as the products are doused with colored water.


Question: "I hate the "spot", but I love fashionable under-garments.  Do I have to give up fashion for practicality?"

Answer: Murphy Underwear is designed to provide protection against the nuisance spot AND provide amazing style and comfort.  Available in five sizes and two styles in 2013, with blue and heather grey coming in 2014.  Every piece is crafted using the finest eco-processed cotton and comfort controlled waistband for longer wear, better fit and comfort.